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Selected Classics

Published: 2012-09-08 22:43

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The cars we remember from the past!

Selected Classics is a concept where we at vonBraun.com sells cars that we remember from the past. It can be a meticulously restored Volvo Amazon 123GT, a Volkswagen Beetle convertible or a Ferrari 250 GTO, it does not matter. The important thing is not the money it represents, but altogether the emotional value of the owner. Our Selected Classics can sometimes be authentic original cars, but not necessarily. It can also be modified to achieve just the execution, as many of us dreamed about, or why not a nice replica of a unique treasure?

Take advantage of the expertise of von Braun.

Our selected Classics will be just what the term says. I.e. handpicked classics. What distinguishes our cars to many others is that we mostly sell cars we believe have something to tell. Cars that we believe are worthy extra attention. It may be because they are a very good restoration projects, has a unique history or is in a condition that allows you to set it in the living room directly and think back to when you as a little kid was sitting in the back seat with Dad or Grandpa in such a car. Among the people at von Braun, numerous American, Italian, Swedish, and German classic cars have been restored over the years. We have also renovated on behalf of Mercedes Benz and Porsche. Take advantage of our experience. If you want to sell your classic we listen gladly. If you want to revive old memories or buy the car you dreamed of as a child, but the time could not buy - buy a Selected Classics at vonBraun.com