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Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG R230


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<img src="pubdb/bilder/object/946/31/660BB2FBBF3-E572-494D-AF8C-316BD4E37A37.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/946/11/660EF93CD6E-5EE4-4D28-9100-428B8C9566D8.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/946/4/660DCFBECA5-9DEE-4CF7-AFB5-DF8BB1C891DB.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/946/12/660EF577BFF-AEEF-4CB4-82D5-C6380213C19C.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/946/1/660241CE8AF-8256-4A1F-963C-EB00B1720444.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/946/34/6602BA0D672-B80B-4623-BCA8-CA3519596873.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/946/21/66024E390B0-43C7-4D0F-9E67-7BBD95D617A3.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/946/29/660700004C9-D7BE-4A0D-A0F1-778620CC1D9D.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/946/6/660IMG_5360.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/946/16/660IMG_5358.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/946/7/660A6AA827D-9BC3-40DB-A5B5-6A510FF5C1F0.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/946/13/660A5618660-95E5-4ACC-B8D7-DCB01D177A43.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/946/17/660C3E4549A-093A-4451-BF3C-93D014706629.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/946/24/660F7E710DD-23D5-4927-AA24-07B72DF5AB3D.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/946/32/660BFD0977F-8EA2-4E13-AF6B-5E241FBBABCC.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/946/20/660B7B7FD3A-8D82-4A6B-A0A4-4132A6C44129.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/946/5/660IMG_5352.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/946/26/660C60FC0BD-876B-4E55-818E-71FC9935C93B.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/946/15/660IMG_5335.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/946/28/6605C2D50CD-BF13-4BC1-9084-AF843B810347.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/946/27/66004EDB5E7-AEE7-4732-B369-37A8D8091D26.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/946/25/6603E96F531-645B-4972-A7EB-1EA82F0EA4CD.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/946/3/660FC3392B8-3996-4D79-9E85-DD3E01708FF8.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/946/18/660IMG_5337.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/946/14/660IMG_5336.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/946/19/660IMG_2516.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/946/2/660IMG_5356.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/946/22/660IMG_5355.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/946/23/660IMG_5354.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/946/10/660IMG_5353.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/946/8/6605239E26B-4FB3-4ECB-A32D-6CF4B93077BA.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/946/33/660IMG_5359.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/946/9/6603BCDD85A-0BB5-4256-8AF5-D5792235F0E4.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/946/30/660D221B129-34C5-4D3C-A5EF-582FFE8A9210.jpg"/>
2008 75000 km Skene - Sweden
No warranty other than general sales law for consumers.
Not Reclaimable
  • First registration date:
  • First registration country:
  • Gearbox:
    AMG SPEEDSHIFT 5-Speed Automatic Gearbox
  • Main display:
  • Exterior color:
  • Interior color:
  • Number of keys:
  • Number of remotes:
  • Servicebook:
  • Sericebook history:
  • Soft top color:
    Painted in body color
  • Carpet color:
    Light Gray

von Braun´s Review

No data provided.

Ordered optionals on this vehicle

AMG Illuminated door sill
Airscarf System
ABC (Active Body Control)
DVD Player Region 2
Auto dimming rear view mirrors
220 Parktronic System (PTS)
242 Electrically Adjustable Right Driver Seat W Memory
249 Auto Dimming Interior & Exterior mirror
255B MB Mobilio With DSB & GGD
284 Selector Lever Wood
285 Draft Stop (Fabric Design)
403 Airscarf System At Front
404 405 Multi-Contour Seat Front Left&Right
423 5-Speed Automatic Transmission
475 Tire Pressure Control
487 ABC (Active Body Control)
500 Electric Folding Outside Mirror
512 Comand APS With DVD Changer
518 Universal Communications Interface (UCI)
530A Exclusive Leather Trim
581 Automatic Climate Control
622 Headlamp With ILS
673 High-Capacity Battery
726 Centre Console Foil Decor - Carbon Look (2C04)
731 Trim Pieces - Wood Burred Walnut Veneer
773 AMG Exterior Carbon Package
810 Premium Sound System
882 Sensor System & Antitheft Alarm System
U25 AMG Illuminated door sill
U45 Baggage Belts
U72 DVD Player Region 2
793 AMG 19'' Double-spoke Wheels With Mixed Tires

Standard equipment

Garage Door Opener
AMG Sports Steering Wheel
Keyless GO
Heated Screen Wash System
Heated/Cooled Seats
Designo Alcantara roof interior trim
Adaptive Flashing Break Lights
Cruise Control
AMG Floor mats
Remote Trunk Locking
231 Garage Door Opener
281 AMG Performance Steering Wheel
401 Front seat climate control
875 Heated Screen Wash System
881 Remote Trunk Locking
889 Keyless GO
Servo Steering
ABS Breaks
Active Seats (massage etc)
AMG Breaking System
AMG F1 Shift Paddles
AMG Nappa Leather Upholstery
AMG Sports Exhaust
Central Locking
Climate Control
Electric Car Boot
Electric foldable rear view mirrors
Electric Windows
Electronic Cruise Control
Electrostatic dust and pollen filter
ESP (Electronic Stability Program)
External Temperature Sensor
Hardtop Cabriolet
K11 Adaptive Stop Light Flashing
On-Board Computer
PDC (Parking Assistance)
Rain Sensor
Tyre Pressure Monitor
U26 AMG Floor mats
Xenon lights
Y85 Designo Alcantara roof interior trim

Technical Data

Engine version:V12
Power Output:450 KW612 PS
Torque:1000 NM738 lbft
Length:4530 mm178" (in)
Height:1300 mm51" (in)
Width:1830 mm72" (in)
Weight:2120 kg4674 lbs
Wheelbase:2560 mm101" (in)
Wheel Drive:2 Wheel Drive
Co2:362 g/km
Nox:,015 mg/km
Topspeed:300 km/h186 mph
Performance value (0-100km/h):4.2 sec.
Engine placement: Front engine
Weight Distribution (Front):
Weight Distribution (Rear):
Start of production:2001
End of production:2011

Torbjörn von Braun

 von Braun
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