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Raiders of the lost truffle

This is the event for those who like to stimulate all your senses, especially the one for taste and your mind with thoughts worth considering. You will spend a long weekend together with a small group of very interesting people in the heart of Piemonte. Persons that will make your life look different when you are coming back home. We will explore deep secrets in the forests and hills of Piemonte during the hunt for truffles. We will test the maximum speed of a Italian scooter in the hills full of grapevine. We will live as the rules of Italian agricultura describes.

This is not a typical car event. It is a lifestyle event that will create close friends among people that have a passion for cars as common denominator. In the camps during night, you will be asked to tell about your story of life, just like the others will tell their. We can a assure you that the singer from the world famous rock band have a different story to tell than the mercenary from vietnam or the inventor from the countryside.


Open for pre-registration now by sending e-mail to: event@vonbraun.se

Thursday - Sunday

In September 2013.

In Piemonte Italy.

Maximum 20 people

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