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The Fantastic Pilgrim Tour 2012

Pictures Now Published! The Pilgrim Tour 2012 was an extraordinary experience for 22 cars and 44 people. The group started from Götaplatsen in central Göteborg. The main daily magazines reported from the extraordinary 5000 km long journey with exotic sports cars that was going to take place.

The first stop was Stuttgart and V8 Hotel at Mielenwerk located just beside the Porsche and Mercedes Museum. During the night the group made their own dinner in the midst of an exceptional car collection together with the Italian chef Vincenzo Paradiso at Ristorante Targa Florio. Day two went to Zell am See and then over the Grossglockner under circumstances indicating how much the weather gods liked the Tour.

The group of sports cars drove down the Adriatic coast of Slovenia and Croatia with first stop at Design and Spa Hotel Lone in Rovinj. The evening was spent on a 200 years old sailing boat taking us to a restaurant in the archipelago. The Croatian coast and roads are fantastic. Next stop at the luxury Falkensteiner Hotel Iadera was one of the best hotels ever.

Two days later, the group left Croatia going from Split with the ferry to Ancona in Italy. We arrived early in the morning and the Mayor in Sirolo offered us breakfast at the Piazza.

The journey continued to Tuscany for a two day stop in the area of Florence and Sienna. Finally all cars arrived at the final Pilgrim Tour destination – Bologna, Sankt Agata Bolognese, Maranello and Modena.

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