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SPEEDWEEK (29) GOTLAND - the summer's highlight for the cheerful.
To combine the world's longest (7.3 km) modern standard test & race track with Europe's best beach club at one and the same time sounds like an impossibility. During the famous Stockholm week when everything is completely boiling on the Gotland Island, we have made sure to reserve the best places in the middle of the action for us. We are trained and experience the performance from our sports cars during a full day at Gotland Ring. We enjoy historic wingbeats in medieval Visby. We party at Kallis which has been named Europe's best and most spectacular beach club! Do not miss, sign up immediately to get one of only 22 available VIP passes.
Date: July 19-22.
Price SEK 24,700 including Trackday, Brunch, Double room, Lunch, Dinner and entrance to Kallis Beach Club.
Event co-ordinator: Ms Malou von Braun
Send your regstration to event@vonbraun.se
Below list will be updated frequently.

Registered VIP´s
1. Malou v.B + 1 - Ferrari F430
2. Maria & Christian R. - Lamborghini LP550-2
3. Thea v.B + 1, Maserati Granturismo.
4. John S + 1, Porsche 993
5. Hanne & Torbjörn, P1800-SAINT
6. Louise H & Mikael B, Ferrari F8 Spider
7. Peter D, Ferrari 488 GTB
8. Peter R, Aston Martin DBS

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