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Ultima Can-am


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<img src="pubdb/bilder/object/499/8/6602018-04-06_Ultima_Yellow_2500px-1.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/499/6/6602018-04-06_Ultima_Yellow_2500px-2.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/499/5/6602018-04-06_Ultima_Yellow_2500px-3.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/499/1/6602018-04-06_Ultima_Yellow_2500px-4.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/499/3/6602018-04-06_Ultima_Yellow_2500px-5.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/499/14/6602018-04-06_Ultima_Yellow_2500px-6.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/499/2/6602018-04-06_Ultima_Yellow_2500px-7.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/499/9/6602018-04-06_Ultima_Yellow_2500px-8.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/499/7/6602018-04-06_Ultima_Yellow_2500px-9.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/499/4/6602018-04-06_Ultima_Yellow_2500px-10.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/499/15/6602018-04-06_Ultima_Yellow_2500px-11.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/499/11/6602018-04-06_Ultima_Yellow_2500px-12.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/499/10/6602018-04-06_Ultima_Yellow_2500px-13.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/499/13/6602018-04-06_Ultima_Yellow_2500px-14.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/499/12/6602018-04-06_Ultima_Yellow_2500px-15.jpg"/>
2019 0 km Skene - Sweden
Not Reclaimable
  • First registration date:
  • First registration country:
  • Gearbox:
  • Main display:
  • Exterior color:
  • Interior color:
  • Number of keys:
  • Number of remotes:
  • Servicebook:
  • Sericebook history:
  • Soft top color:
  • Carpet color:

von Braun´s Review

Ein unglaubliches Ultima Can Am. Komplett neu gebaut. Neue Teile durchgängig inklusive Motor. Vor der Registrierungsprüfung bleibt wenig Arbeit, was im Preis enthalten ist. Kontaktieren Sie uns für weitere Informationen zu Technologie, Leistung usw.


No data provided.

Standard equipment

No data provided.

Technical Data

Engine version:V8
Power Output: KW PS
Torque: NM Lbs
Length: mm" (in)
Height: mm" (in)
Width: mm" (in)
Weight: kg lbs
Wheelbase: mm" (in)
Wheel Drive:RWD
Co2: g/km
Nox: g/km
Topspeed: km/h mph
Performance value (0-100km/h): sec.
Engine placement: Rear longitudal mid engine
Weight Distribution (Front):
Weight Distribution (Rear):
Start of production:2001
End of production:2016

Torbjörn von Braun

 von Braun
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USD 95 549
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